The use of high-speed SMT placement machine, over temperature reflow, the performance is very stable,
With 4 model GAIN parts.can auto work on different voltage.
Ultra-small 70X57MM
Comes with super output short-circuit and over-temperature overload and prevent the impact of the switch machine
STMicroelectronics TDA7492 chip.low price. but with big power and good sound quality output
       Note: When the speaker impedance is 4 ohms, the operating voltage must be less than 18V, the speaker impedance is 6 ohms, the operating voltage can not exceed 24V, the speaker impedance is 8 ohms, the working voltage can not exceed 26V, the power not to reverse the polarity.
Power supply: Single-voltage 10-26V DC
Maximum power:50W*2/8Ohm
Mono BTL power 100W / 4 Ohms